63 Top Metaverse Projects that are Going to Explode in 2022


Finding good projects in crypto is not easy. Many find it difficult to read and research on metaverse projects. There are many projects going on in the gaming industry of crypto, not everyone can find and play these games before investing in them.

So, I have personally researched and played these games by myself to give you guys a better and clear overview.  However, it’s not financial advice to directly jump and invest in it. Do your own research and invest. Here, are my Top 63 Metaverse coins picks in 2022.

Top Metaverse Coins in 2022

In this list of crypto games, you will find the Project name, Short Name, It’s a Use case, and Total supply of coins.

1. Decentraland (MANA)

One of the Biggest Metaverse Project in Crypto. In Decentraland you can create your own House, Building, etc. Where you can invite friends, can have parties. Total supply: 2.2B

It's a land picture of game

2. Axis Infinity (AXS)

Biggest player-based play-to-earn game on the blockchain. Here, you can collect, breed, and battle your axis. The player earns SLP Tokens for every battle they win, these tokens can be sold on DEXs. Total Supply:270M

Axies infinity gameplay
3. Sandbox (Sand)

Sandbox is a virtual world like Minecraft users can buy and sell digital assets in-game. Big Companies like Adidas, Walking Dead, and Singer Snoop Dogg have their own land in Sandbox. Total Supply:3B

Internal game image of snadbox
4. Monkeyball (MBS)

Monkeys are famous in crypto as you have seen Bored apes. This Project is a Play to Earn Multiplayer Soccer game Based on Solana Chain. The game is still in progress. Total Supply:1B

Gameplay details
5. Sidus hero(SIDUS)

Sidus is Web based AAA-level Game for PC based on Play to Earn. An MMORPG game set in Space where you fight with aliens. Total supply:30B

6. BigTime

This game is World of Warcraft of Blockchain Games. No Token sale, No IGOs, a pure play-to-earn game. Users have to buy Nft lands and can explore the space and earn Tokens.

7. Planet Sandbox(PSB)

Most undervalued game in blockchain, If you have played FreeFire you will love this game. Not a Finish product yet but the game has big potential in Play to Earn Space. Total Supply:100M

Gameplay Game mode
8. Ultra(Uos)

Ultra is the Playstore of Blockchain Gaming. Here you can buy and sell your Games. Ultra has its Own EOSIO Blockchain for free account creation and fast Transactions. Total Supply:1B

9. MYNeighborAlice(Alice)

Alice is a multiplayer game, where you can create things and Buy & Sell Virtual lands. The Game has a good users base, So you can find new friends in the Game. Total supply:100M

10. Phantasma(SOul)

This is a Gaming Blockhain fully interoperable and decentralized. Features like Nfts, Dapps, and Games can be created on this chain. Whereas they also have metaverse. Total Supply:100M

11. MetaHero(HERO)

This Project creates real avatars by 3D scanning your body. You can have a real 3D Avatar in their metaverse which is based on VR gaming. Total Supply:10B

12. illuvium(ILV)

illuvium is a fantasy game in an open world. AAA-level Game with a high User base. Total Supply:10M

image of gameplay
13. UFO gaming(UFO)

Meme Token like Tokenomics but real use-cases. UFO gaming is a P2E game, Metaverse, and Launchpad. Total Supply:25T

14. Thetan Arena(THC)

Thetan Arena is an e-sport 4*4 multiplayer P2E game. It’s A Mobo Battle game and has a Good UserBase. You can play it on Playstore. Total Supply:420M

dashboard of game
15. MOBOX(Mbox)

It’s a Yield Farming and Nft based Play to earn the game. You can Stake your in-game Nfts and Get a Reward. Total Supply:1B

16. Yield Guild Games(YGG)

YGG is a DAO that Invests in Nfts and Games Virtual Assets. Total Supply:1B

17. Vulcan Forged(PYR)

PYR is a Game Studio that creates different games. Vulcan Has its own DEx for NFTs trade and has their Vulcanverse. Total Supply:50M

18. RMRK(Rmrk)

It’s NFT Marketplace and Metaverse Project on Kusama blockchain. Total Supply:10M

19.Mines of dalarnia(Dar)

DAR is 2D mining gameplay where users can combine things and level up their characters. Tons of Users playing this game. Total Supply:800M

20. Star Atlas(Atlas)

The Game is Set in Space, where you can Explore, Fight and Travel the Planets. Total Supply:36B

21. Alien Worlds(TLM)

TLM is NFT Base Metaverse and A DAO for Game. Total Supply:10B

22. Verasity(VRA)

VRA is a content creation platform, just like Youtube. Their Client is PUBG for Tournaments Streaming. Total Supply:19B

23. Derace(Derc)

It’s an Nft Horse Racing Game, Where users can Breed Horses and Bet on Racing. C.Supply:40M

24. Aurory(Aury)

Game Theme is set on a Japanese Role-play Game with a multiplayer option where you earn Nfts. Total Supply:100M

25. Cryowar (CWAR)

Cryowar is an action game for Pc and Mobile, With P2E Mode and DAO. Total Supply:1B

26. Altura(ALU)

Altura is a Smart Nfts In-game exchangeable Project. Total Supply:1B

27. Placewar(Place)

Placewar is a Strategic Tank fighting game in 2D. Players Earn Tokens While Winning the Battles. Total Supply:1B

28. Chromia(CHR)

CHR is a blockchain developed by Swedish Company Chromaway AB. Total Supply:1B

29. Atari token(ATRI)

It’s a Token For Video Game Payment. ATRI also runs Casino in Sandbox. Total Supply:7.7B

30. vEmpire Dao(VEmp)

vEmpire is a DDAO Investing in Metaverse Projects. Also, provide Yield on Staking. Total Supply:810M

31. Torum (XTM)

Torum is a SocialFi Metaverse Platform designed for crypto users that hold Nfts and Coins. In Torum users can Trade Nfts. Total Supply:800M

32. Blockchain Monster Hunt(BCMC)

Monster Hunt is Multi-Chain runs on the blockchain itself, players can explore the game and fight with Monsters in-game. Total Supply:1B

33. Faraland (FARA)

Fara is an RPG game based on BSC Chain, game model is Based On Play To Earn. Players Own Warrior Nfts in Battles. Total Supply:100M

34. POlychain Monster(PMON)

It’s a Trading cards game, player uses their Digital monster for the game. Total Supply:10M

35. Sin city Metaverse(Sin)

Sin City is a MEtaverse Game where players can the Real Estate and Build their own virtual land. Total Supply:1B

36. Revomon(REvo)

Revomon is an RPG Metaverse game with play to earn model. Players fight with monsters and the tokens. Total Supply:100M

37. Defina Finance(Fina)

This Game Combine with Defi and Nfts in-game Assets to earn Yields. Total Supply:100M


It’s a Space exploration game, players travel the space on Starship with play to earn a model. Total Supply:100M

39. CryptoPlanes(CPAN)

Crypto planes are an Expansion of Cryptocity metaverse. Total Supply:100M

40. Fear(FEAR)

Fear is a Hybrid Nft coin and Horror Game in Blockchain. Total Supply:65M

41.RevoleGames (RPG)

RPG is Defi of Blockchain gaming Ecosystem. It provides Staking Rewards and Early access to Nfts on staking RPG Token. Total Supply:100M

42. Polker (PKR)

Polker helps online gaming, e-commerce, and other platforms a Multi-currency option. Games can accept different currencies using polker. Total Supply:1B

43. Legend of Fantasy war(LFM)

Fantasy war is a 3D Role-playing game, this game provides NFT ownership. Players can trade their Nfts in Marketplace. Total Supply:200M

44. polka War (PWAR)

It’s a Battle game, Player creates their Army’s to Fight for their Villages. Total supply:100M

45. MetaverseX(Metax)

The game Theme Is based on Minecraft Model, First players own their lands and then Create Buildings. Total Supply:100M

46.HighStreet (High)

It’s a Virtual reality(VR) game, the player fights with the monster. Metaverse Explore and Play to Earn. Total Supply:100M

47. Crypto Cars(CCAR)

This is inspired by the 2006 movie:- Cars. It’s a Car racing Game. Total Supply:100m

48. StarSharks(SSS)

As Axis Infinity, Sharks also have the same game model. Players collect, breed, and battle their collected Nfts Sharks. Total Supply:500M


Ethermon is a Monster catching and training them for the battle game. Players can Trade their Monster in the Marketplace. Total supply:400m


It’s a Launchpad and Yield project for the gaming Ecosystem. Total Supply:200B

51. Adshares(ADS)

This Protocol help game users monetize their in-game Land and NFTs. Total Supply:39M

52.Bosagora (BOA)

BOA is a DAO that votes the projects for upgrades and many more changes in the network. Total supply:450M

53.Decentral Gamez(DG)

It’s a Play to Earn game and its Token works as rewards and DAO at the Same Time. Total Supply:1B

54. Metawars(wars)

Wars is a native token of Metawars a Galaxy Metaverse Game. Players Earn $GAM Token While playing and Exploring Space. Total Supply:1.5B


SuperFarm is a Defi Protocol that launches Nft Projects on it. And a marketplace where users Buy and Sell Their Nfts. Total Supply:1B

56. Attack Wagon(ATK)

ATK is a Game Studio that Builds Different Games on Blockchain with the Play to Earn Model. Total Supply:1B

57. Good Game Guilds(GGG)

GGG is new launched Project that provides Yield on in-game Assets. Total Supply:100M

58. Cryptomines(Eternal)

It’s an NFTs Game, Players acquire mining power and Earns Tokens. Total Supply:5M


Velas Chain Project Velhalla is a Metaverse Game. The theme is set in Space with Role-play. Total Supply:10B

60. Syn.city(SYN)

One of the Hot projects, a metaverse in which players can buy Real-Estate and Sell them. Just like Playing GTA ViceCity.

61. World of Defish(WOD)

Fishing and Earn with Delish. Buy your Nft boat and Go to Fishing. Every Fish is Rare which can be Sold on Marketplace. Total Supply:1B

62. Mousehaunt(MHT)

Mouse Metaverse Game, Players Own Mouse and find things in Haunted House. Total Supply:100M

63. Gods Unchained(Gods)

Tactical Card game players use these cards to battle and players own these cards as Nft. Total Supply:500M

These are the top picks for gaming projects that lead the metaverse industry of crypto. There are many projects that are not listed in this, you can find them on coinmarketcap and coingecko.